7 Summer Must-Haves for Your Golf Car

7 Summer Must-Haves for Your Golf Car

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, it's time to prepare your golf car for the ultimate summer experience. Whether you're hitting the fields or cruising around town, Golf Cars of the Desert has you covered with essential summer must-haves to enhance your ride.

From staying cool and hydrated to turning your cart into a mobile entertainment hub, these must-have accessories are a game-changer for summer fun.

1 - Insulated Cooler

There's nothing like a refreshing drink to beat the heat on the golf course. With an insulated cooler conveniently mounted on your cart, you can keep your beverages ice-cold throughout your game. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and hello to chilled refreshments whenever you need them.

2 - Cooling Misters

When the sun is blazing down, staying cool is essential for a comfortable ride. Cooling misters attached to your golf cart provide a refreshing breeze, making even the hottest days feel more bearable. Enjoy a breezy ride under the scorching sun as you glide across the greens in comfort.

3 - Bluetooth Speaker

Turn up the tunes and elevate your golfing experience with a Bluetooth speaker for your cart. Whether you prefer upbeat music to keep your energy high or relaxing tunes to set the mood, a Bluetooth speaker transforms your cart into a mobile party hotspot. Enjoy your favorite playlists as you cruise around the course in style.

4 - Shade Canopy

Seeking shelter from the sun? A stylish shade canopy is the perfect solution. Not only does it shield you from the blazing sun's rays, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your golf car. Transform your cart into a cozy oasis on wheels, providing much-needed relief from the summer heat as you navigate the course.

5 - Golf Car Cover

Protect your investment from the harsh summer elements with a durable golf car cover. Designed to shield your cart from sun exposure, dust, and debris, a high-quality cover helps preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan. Whether you're storing your cart or transporting it to and from the course, a protective cover offers peace of mind year-round.

6 - Sunscreen Holder

Keep your sunscreen easily accessible during your outdoor adventures with a dedicated sunscreen holder for your golf car. No more rummaging through bags or pockets – simply reach for your sunscreen whenever you need to reapply and stay protected from harmful UV rays while enjoying the sunshine.

7 - Golf Club Rack

Stay organized on the course with a golf club rack designed to securely hold your clubs while you drive. Say goodbye to cluttered seats and tangled club bags – a dedicated rack keeps your clubs easily accessible and neatly arranged, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions.


Stay cool, hydrated, and entertained as you cruise around in style, making the most of the sunny days ahead. Whether you're hitting the greens or exploring the neighborhood, these must-have accessories ensure that your golf car is equipped for summer fun. So gear up, embrace the sunshine, and enjoy every moment of your summer adventures with these essential additions to your golf car.