2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV (Lithium-Ion)


      2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV 2-Seater Electric Golf Car (Lithium-Ion)

      The 2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV represents the pinnacle of luxury and performance in golfing. Equipped with state-of-the-art Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, it redefines the golfing experience with unmatched features. With standard seating for two, expandable to four with an optional seat kit, it ensures comfort for all players. Its whisper-quiet electric motor offers a maximum speed of 14.9 mph (24 km/h), promising serene golfing experiences without noise disturbances. Powered by a robust 48-volt AC motor and NEOS 350 amp AC controller, it delivers seamless acceleration and precise control. Recharging is convenient with the Delta-Q Charger, minimizing downtime. Beyond its functionality, the Drive2 embodies sophistication and innovation, making it the ultimate choice for discerning golf enthusiasts. Embrace luxury, elevate your game, and experience the future of golfing with the Yamaha Drive2 PTV.

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