2023 Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2 (Lead Acid)


      2023 Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2 4-Seater Electric Golf Car (Lead Acid)

      Introducing the 2023 Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2, a golf car that embodies comfort, convenience, and eco-friendly performance. Crafted by Yamaha, this electric vehicle effortlessly accommodates four passengers, enhancing your golf outings or leisurely drives. Powered by a robust 48-volt AC motor delivering 6.7 horsepower, it offers a top speed of 14.9 mph, adjustable to your preferences for seamless navigation. Equipped with Toyota Industries Corporation's NEOS 350 amp AC controller, it ensures precise acceleration and responsive handling. Endurance and reliability are ensured with six 8-volt Motive T875 lead acid batteries, paired with a Delta-Q Charger for easy recharging. Whether on the golf course or favorite trails, the 2023 Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2 elevates your experience with innovation and adventure.