New 2023 Advanced-EV Advent HD FXR 2-seater Electric Utility Vehicle (Lithium), White

New 2023 Advanced-EV Advent HD FXR 2-seater Electric Utility Vehicle (Lithium), White

Regular Price$13,499.00

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New 2023 Advanced-EV Advent HD FXR 2-seater electric utility vehicle (flatbed with drop rails) in white finish. Comes in base configuration with lithium batteries. The vehicle is supplied with a 1-year warranty on the cart, a 2-year full coverage warranty on parts, and a 5-year warranty on the lithium batteries. We offer flexible purchasing options, including all-cash purchase and financing plans. For more information about this vehicle, please call (760) 776-3080 or visit our showrooms today.

2023 Advanced-EV Advent HD FXR Features

• Drive System: 48V/450A Advanced EV AC Controller, 5kW AC Motor
• Lithium batteries
• Charger: Pro Charging Systems Onboard Charger
• Max Speed: 19 MPH
• Two seater
• Flatbed drop rails
• Carrying Capacity: Approx. 1334 lbs

2023 Advanced-EV Advent HD FXR Specifications

Body Configuration

Folding Acrylic

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Aluminum Profile Non-Slip Floor, High Strength Structure, Corrosion Resistant, Aging Resistant

Adjustable & Foldable Side Mirrors

LED High Low Beam Positioning Headlights, Daytime Running Lights, Taillights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Horn & Reversing Buzzer

Retractable Seat Belts

Molded Instrument Panel, Digital Speedometer, Headlight/Turn Signal/Horn, Combination Switch, FNR Switch, Double USB 12V Power Supply, Multiple Cup Holders & State Of Charge Meter

Double-Ended Rack And Pinion, Self-Adjusting

Braking System
Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake + Electromagnetic Brake Park

Front: Double A-Frame Independent Front Suspension + HD Coil Spring Over, HD Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Rear: Split Case Transaxle, Gear Ratio 16:1, HD Coil Spring Over HD, Hydraulic Shock Absorbers + Rear Suspension Stabilizing Bar

205/65-10” Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Dimensions + Performance

• Overall: LxWxH: 11’11”L x 3’10”W x 6’H
• Box: LxWxH: 5’9”L x 3’6”W x 10”H
• Carrying Capacity: 1100 lbs Approx
• Max Speed: 19 mph

Electrical System

Advanced EV Controller 450AMP Motor
AC 48V/5KW

• Option 1: Pro Charge Onboard 48V/15Asmall flag #3
• Option 2: Advanced Lithium 5125C

• Option 1: Flooded US8VGCXC Lead Acidsmall flag #4
• Option 2: AGM Sealed Lead Acid
• Option 3: AdvancedLi Lithium Battery Pack



•  DOT Rated With Toughened Glass + Wiper


• Advanced Li Battery
• Trojan® Battery

Other Upgrades

• Custom Key Upgrade
• Floor Mat
• Slow Moving Triangle
• Windshield Wiper

The listed specifications are standard for this model; however, the actual specifications of this car may differ. Buyers are advised to review the full images provided to ensure that the vehicle meets their requirements.

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  • Cart: 1-year warranty
  • Battery: 5-year warranty
  • Parts: 2-year warranty
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