New 2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV Personal 2-Seater Electric Golf Car (Lead Acid), Atomic Flame

New 2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV Personal 2-Seater Electric Golf Car (Lead Acid), Atomic Flame

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New 2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV Personal 2-seater Electric Golf Car (Lead Acid) in Atomic Flame finish. Comes in base PTV configuration with lead acid battery. The vehicle is supplied with a 2-year warranty on the cart, a 2-year full coverage warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on the lead acid battery. We offer flexible purchasing options, including all-cash purchase or financing. For more information about this vehicle, please call (760) 776-3080 or visit our showrooms today.

2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV Standard Features

• Drive2 PowerTechAC motor
• Motive T875-FLA lead acid batteries
• Delta-Q Charger
• Standard two seats
• 10" black wheels
• USB Ports, Hour Meter
• Suntop

2023 Yamaha Drive2 PTV Specifications

• Year: 2023
• Manufacturer: Yamaha
• Model: Drive2 PTV
• Serial Number:
• Seating Capacity: 2 persons (standard) / 4 persons (with optional seat kit)
• Power Type: Electric
• Max Speed Adjustable: 14.9 mph (24 km/h)
• Motor: 48-volt AC motor
• Output Rating: 6.7 hp (5.0 KW)
• Motor Control Unit: NEOS 350 amp AC controller by Toyota Industries Corporation
• Battery Type: Lead acid
• Charger: Delta-Q Charger

The listed specifications are standard for this model; however, the actual specifications of this car may differ. Buyers are advised to review the full images provided to ensure that the vehicle meets their requirements.

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Optional Accessories & Upgrades

We can customize this car to meet your specific needs. Check out the available accessories below that you can add to this car:

Seating & Chassis

• Rear Facing Seat Kit
• Front Row Touring Seats
• Rear Facing Touring Seats


• Lithium-Ion battery


• 10" 16-Spoke V-Series Black Wheels
• 10" 16-Spoke V-Series Silver Wheels
• 10" 16-Spoke V-Series Silver Wheels
• 10" Casino Black Wheels
• 10" 12-Spoke J-Series Satin Black Alloy Wheels
• 10" 12-Spoke J-Series Silver Alloy Wheels
• 10" 12-Spoke J-Series Black Machine Alloy Wheel
• 10" 12-Spoke J-Series All-Terrain Black Machine Alloy Wheels
• 10" 12-Spoke J-Series All-Terrain Silver Alloy Wheels
• 10" 12-Spoke J-Series All-Terrain Satin Black Alloy Wheels
• 12" 16-Spoke V-Series Radial Gunmetal Alloy Wheels
• 12" 16-Spoke V-Series Radial Silver Alloy Wheels
• 12" 16-Spoke V-Series Radial Black Machine Alloy Wheels
• 12” 16-Spoke V-Series Radial Satin Black Alloy Wheels
• 12" 16-Spoke V-Series Radial Bronze Alloy Wheels

• Bluetooth with Volume Control
• MA100 Speaker/Amp Package by Millennia

Golf Accessories

• Bottle Kit, Club
• Single Sand Bottle Kit
• Club and Ball Washer Kit
• Sand Bucket Kit
• Dual Sand Bottle Kit
• Dual Sand Bottle Kit
• Insulated Cooler
• Club Cover

Lighting & Electrical

• LED Tail Lights
• LED Tuning Fork Logo
• Premium Light Kit
• Ultra-Premium PTV Light Upgrade Kit


• Car Storage Cover
• Drive2 Fender Flare Kit
• Chrome Kick Plate
• Drive2 Front Brush Guard

Trims & Accents

• Premium Side Mirror Kit
• Five-Panel Mirror Kit
• Steering Wheel (13.5" Vinyl/Suede)

Wind Protection

• Polycarbonate Windshield, Clear Hinged
• Polycarbonate Windshield, Tinted Hinged
Three-Sided Enclosure

  • Cart: 2-year warranty
  • Battery: 5-year warranty (Lithium), 1-year warranty (Lead Acid)
  • Parts: 2-year warranty

Accepted Payment Methods: We accept payments through ACH (Automated Clearing House) and wire transfers.

We do not accept credit card payments for golf cart purchases.

Payment Confirmation: Once your payment is received and confirmed, we will begin processing your order.

Payment Deadline: Payment must be made in full before we can proceed with shipping your golf cart.

Payment Currency: All payments must be made in US dollars (USD).

Refund Policy: Refunds will be issued in accordance with our refund policy.

Shipping Fee: $750.00 flat rate per golf cart via open trailer.

Delivery ETA: 7–10 business days

Shipping Restrictions: Currently, we only ship within the continental United States. We do not ship golf carts internationally or to PO Boxes.

Additional Services: If you need expedited shipping or enclosed trailer delivery, please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

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