Used 2006 Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger Golf Cart, Red
Used 2006 Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger Golf Cart, Red
Used 2006 Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger Golf Cart, Red
Used 2006 Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger Golf Cart, Red

Used 2006 Club Car Precedent 4 Passenger Golf Cart, Red

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Meet the New 2024 Advanced EV Advent 2. An electric golf car is a nimble and eco-friendly vehicle designed for short-distance transportation on golf courses and similar environments. Powered by electric batteries, it features a quiet motor, providing a smooth and efficient ride. With a compact design for 2 to 4 passengers, these cars typically boast a range of 20 to 40 miles on a single charge, making them ideal for leisurely drives on the course. Equipped with turf-friendly tires, basic suspension, and user-friendly controls, electric golf cars offer a sustainable and enjoyable way to navigate the greens and beyond.

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