5 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Golf Car

We understand the importance of keeping your golf car in top condition during the summer months. Here are few maintenance tips to ensure your golf car stays cool and reliable all summer long.

Lithium Batteries vs. Lead Acid Batteries on Golf Cars

Golf cars are an integral part of golfing. Over the years, the technology powering these carts has evolved significantly, with lithium batteries emerging as a promising alternative to lead acid batteries.

How to Choose the Right Size Golf Cart for Your Needs

Whether you're a solo player, part of a duo, or enjoy golfing with a group, finding the perfect-sized cart can enhance your overall experience on the course. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you:

The Benefits of Owning an Electric Golf Cart
With their eco-friendly operation and numerous advantages, electric golf carts are transforming the way we approach the game. Let's delve into the benefits of owning one:
10 Golf Cart Safety Tips and Best Practices
Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a first-time driver, adhering to safety tips is crucial. Here are 10 best practices to keep in mind for a safe and enjoyable golf cart experience:
The Rise of Electric Golf Carts and Their Environmental Benefits
There has been a notable shift in the golf cart industry towards electric-powered models. This transition is driven by a growing awareness of environmental sustainability.
10 Golf Cart Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Ride Smooth
Golf carts are not just vehicles on the course; they're investments in your leisure and convenience. Here are 10 tips from our experts to make sure they run smoothly for years to come.
Introducing the World's Fastest Golf Cart - The Bandit
Did you know that the world's fastest golf cart can reach speeds of up to 118 miles per hour? This souped-up cart, called the "Bandit," was built by Plum Quick Motors in South Carolina.
The Evolution of Golf Carts Beyond the Golf Course

🤔💡 Did you know that golf carts weren't originally designed for golf? 🏌️‍♂️ Yes, their tale goes beyond that. Would you believe that these handy vehicles weren't always destined for the golf course?